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Are you ready to change you life and celebrate those results? 

Well Jen of "Shake it off with Jen" and "Mad Kat Photography" has decided to team up and bring to you the 21 day fix challenge.

If you have never heard of 21 day fix or Beachbody, it is a great easy to use program. It is by far one of the most effective things I have done for my health in years.

Very simply, within 21 days by following a very easy to use "clean eating" approach and follow the 30 mins a day workout, YOU WILL SEE RESULTS.


Meet Jen Conrad:


 This fabulous lady, is my Beachbody coach. She runs a fantastic accountability group on Facebook, where she will help you meal plan, give you encouragement and help celebrate your victories and she also runs 'Shake it off with Jen". I honestly couldn't do it without her.

Do me a favor, and click this link  and check her out.

Why try this?

I am an advocate of this program because I have seen the results. I am currently on round 2, day 3, and I have already lost 2 lbs and 2 inches. My first round I ended up losing 13 3/4 total inches and I discovered abs I haven't seen in years and a beautifully defined back.

 I am a bigger advocate of Jen, she really, truly cares about wanting to "change your lifestyle for the better" and she will help you every step of the way.

So now that you know a little about Jen. Let me tell you a little about our collaboration.

I am a big believer in celebrating YOU. As a women, mother and wife, I know we ALWAYS put ourselves last. We make sure everyone else is taken care of, everyone else is fed, everyone else is happy. Women rarely take time to celebrate themselves. After the first round of 21 day fix, I felt fabulous, I had more energy than I have ever had before and I looked fantastic. What better way to showcase your hard work, then by taking part in one of my "Glamour Portrait Sessions"?

My team and I will pamper you, accentuate your attributes, dress you in colors that is not only flattering but showcase your new and improved body but we will be there to make you feel like you are the most beautiful women in the world. Who wouldn't want that?

I have done sessions like these for over 5 years now and it is by far one of the most satisfying sessions I do. Trust me, YOU NEED THIS EXPERIENCE IN YOUR LIFE.

I am offering a FREE GLAMOUR PORTRAIT SESSION ( $429 value) to the one person who collects the most points during October's accountability group.

How do you become a member of this group?

It's easy. Sign up with Beachbody and select Jen Conrad as your coach. Order 21 day fix challenge pack, it comes with everything you need to succeed. Including your Shakeology shakes ( trust me, these are delicious and yes you need them, I pinky swear) your 21 day containers, your workout DVD's, and a manual that will walk you through everything. Once everything is ordered, Jen will add  you to the group so that you can participate. 

How do you earn points?




Rules & Regulations

1. You must be a NEW Beachbody member and have Jen Conrad as your coach.

2. You must actively participate in the October challenge.

3. Glamour Portrait session winner will be announced by Jen Conrad of "Shake it off with Jen"

4. Glamour Portrait session date will take place in November.

5. Glamour Portrait Session will include

    a). 3-4 hour in studio session with Mad Kat Photography

    b). hair and make up done by a professional

    c). in-person ordering session after images are edited

    d). ONE FREE 8X10 mounted print ( ala carte products are available for purchase by winner of challenge)

    e). 1 free consultation to discuss your session, including what to wear, what to bring and to set a date.

6. Glamour Portrait Session is for ONE person only (winner of challenge), cannot be transferred to another person.

7. Mad Kat Photography holds the right to deny session to anyone who did not follow the rules set by Jen of "Shake it off with Jen"





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