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When I first moved to Korea, I started my journey in this post "First 50 days". Now I am coming up on a year of living in the "Land of the morning calm" and celebrating one year of Mad Kat Photography being open in Daegu. Out of the three countries Mad Kat Photography has been open in the last 6 years, this place has so far been the best "first year".


Right off the bat, I met a great friend, who is not only my MUAH ( make-up/ hair person) but also my assistant now. Another friend of mine here helped me find a fabulous apartment right next to the Sincheon River and in front of Suseong Lake, that has just enough space for a studio. And then another friend gave me a chance here and let me photograph her family, so I could have some local photos to showcase to my new market.

 That is the great thing about being in a military community. We are just a huge group of family and friends. Everyone is so very kind, helpful and well....we are all in it together.  Just a bunch of us trying to maneuver a new environment and new customs without insulting the locals, at least that's my goal.

 Being in Asia, has been this fantastic ride of crazy, exciting, stimulating with a small dash of fear thrown in. The unknown is always a bit scary, but knowing that I can count on friends here to help me out when things get tough makes my life a bit easier.

With that said. I have been thinking of a way to give back to the community that made me feel welcome the first day I got here. The one thing I knew I could do, was to do a giveaway.

I am a huge advocate of prints and I am a huge advocate of family portraits. There is nothing more powerful and more precious then stopping time to capture a moment in your family's history. A tangible print hung on the wall for years to come will only gather more value as time goes on. For that reason I am choosing to giveaway a full family session.


Now you ask, how can I win it?

Well, it's simple. All you have to do is email me at and tell me why you deserve to win and then share my Facebook business page on your personal Facebook wall. That's it.

I will read everyone's submissions and choose one deserving family to win my family session package, ( a $369 value) by August 15th. The winner will be announced in a blog post here on my website as well as announced on Facebook.

In that package you will receive: (1) mounted 16X20 print (1) 11X14 print and (4) gift prints of your choosing.


Rules and Regulations are as follows:

1. Send me one email to, telling me WHY you and your family deserve a family session. Do not message me via Facebook or text me, please send it via email.

2. You must share my Facebook business page on your Facebook page wall. Don't know how to share a page? Well it's simple. Open up Mad Kat Photography on Facebook, find the three little dots next to the save button (if your on your cell phone) or the three little dots next to the message button (if your on your computer) The share button will appear in one of the tabs, and then just click it.

3. I will email and announce the winner on my business page, on August 15th. So make sure you follow and "like" my page. You will have 24 hours to respond. If I don't hear back from session winner, I reserve the right to announce a new winner.

4. Mad Kat Photography reserves the right to cancel or change date of the session due to session winner being non- communicative, weather or illness.

5. Session will be held in Daegu, exact location to be determined by photographer.

6. Winner will have to sign a contract with Mad Kat Photography stating that you understand the rules and will abide by them.

7. Session must take place in the month of September 2015, date to be set by photographer.

8. Ala Carte options can be purchased by session winner, but is not included in free session package.

9. Giveaway valid only to US military and DOD ID card holders only.

10. One entry per family please.



Thank you Daegu community for a wonderful first year in Korea!





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