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Meet Veronica, she is a military wife, she is a daughter, she is a sister and she is a mother of 3 under the age of 5.

She is kind. She is thoughtful. She is smart and she is beautiful.

As a mom myself, I know first hand how we put our needs last. How we make sure our spouse has what he needs, our kids are fed and given attention, how if a friend needs help, we are there. I know that as a woman, I love taking care of others, making sure everyone is happy. Not spending a second on how I am feeling or what I am needing.

But every now and than, I LOVE taking care of only me. Selfishly, without apology. And why not? Don't we deserve that?

I have been running an annual "Hot Moms Shoot/Woman's Glamour" for nearly 5 years now. It is by far my favorite marathon to do. There is something so satisfying in seeing us, moms, spend a day getting pampered and getting photographed and me being able to show you, the beauty that lies within.

Before you get scared off, this is not a boudoir session. It is simply a session tailored just for women, to showcase them at their best.

I know I have my morning make up/hair routine down to 15 minutes flat, because I know I need to get my kids off to school, drive someone to their sport activity, run errands, pay bills, cook a meal, fold laundry, etc, etc.....

But what if you had an hour? What if you were given the chance to have your hair and make up done by a pro, who knows just by looking at your face and skin color and hair color, what kind of make up do  on you.

What if you had the chance to sit back and drink a mimosa, while getting glammed up? What if you had a couple of hours of this while hanging out with your best friend, sister, confidant or your best buddy?

Possibilities are endless.

I want to open those possibilities up for you. Allow me to showcase your very best.



In this session, once you arrive, we will get you seated to get your hair and make up done, all while enjoying mimosas, juices, water and/or other small snacks. While you are getting glammed up, I will be setting up and talking to you about you. What you are hoping to get away from this session, what you are hoping to achieve. Once hair and make up is finish ....

We will then spend up to an hour in front of my camera. I will position you and direct you in clear, but very concise movements to flatter your body figure. You will be allowed to change outfits up to 3 times, my hair and make up person will do touch ups as we go, so you are always looking your best.

The only thing required by you will be, to come in regular clothes, even sweats would work, come with clean and dry hair and a freshly washed face. Bring your outfits, freshly pressed on hangers and any jewelery that you would like to use and a single pair of shoes, it can be a pair of heels or a great pair of flats. Also, pay special attention to your fingernails, have them clean or polished in any colors you love.

Also, because as women we are highly social creatures, I highly recommend you bring a friend, a buddy, someone you are comfortable with. No, this is not a requirement, but I have found in the last 5 years, that if a friend, someone you know and trust is there with you, your personalty will shine and any uncomfortableness will go away. You will be more relaxed and you will trust my process easier. Trusting me is key.


I am requesting that I sit down with each client prior to our session, to go over clothes, jewelery, give you directions to my house, go over the contract I am required for you to sign and show you the products that you get to choose from. During this time, please bring screenshots of what you may what to bring or wear for your shoot. I will help you narrow it down to showcase your very best.

I know we are in a country where we have to order everything online, I highly suggest that you beg, borrow or steal friends clothes to save you time and money. =-)

Please note, that this is not a boudoir session, though I am not opposed to you bringing lingerie with you, if it is tasteful.  A sparkly bustier, a lacy silk nighty, or even a gorgeous sequined bra, is all very classy and can be photographed tastefully, if you would like.

So now that all of that is out of the way. Are you still interested? Good. I only have limited spots available, currently I am not running this on a weekend, but will open one up if the need is there. These sessions will begin on Monday May 18 and go to Friday May 22. Right now, I am booking one client a day, but will consider two if your friend is wanting a session as well. I will open more dates up if the need is there as well.

For your session, you will get a choice of either a 20 page 8x8 art cloth hard cover book, that will showcase as many as 15 images OR you can choose a image box. An image box is a wooden personalized 4x4 box that will hold 10 mounted images and a little easel, so that you may change out your display photo. You will get a chance to see these products in person at our consultation.. As always, ala carte is always an option.

The cost of  this session is $289.00.

In order to book your session, 1/2 of the session cost is needed to hold your date, the other 1/2 is required the day before our shoot. As always, with Mad Kat Photography, your images will be back in hand in under 3 weeks ( pending USPS)


Model: Veronica Paulk

MUAH: Jill Beddingfield




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