Cherry Blossom Family & Maternity Sessions 2015 | Daegu Family Photographer

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So I am back from a great mini vacation in Seoul and ready to tackle all my Cherry Blossom family and maternity sessions!

A little disclaimer first:

PLEASE be at Apsan 15 mins prior to your session, especially my weekend sessions. This is imperative due to the tight schedule I am working on to ensure I get everyone's session complete and within the time frame I have set.

I am not responsible for mother nature. I am doing what I can to make sure that everyone gets what they are wanting but again I am NOT responsible for what mother nature does.

If you have little ones PLEASE make sure they are fully dressed, rested and well fed PRIOR to our session. I want to make sure we run smoothly and you get your family images that you deserve.

Please make sure that if you haven't given me my  contract yet, to BRING it with you. I will not shoot without one. It protects you and I. =-)

Also please make sure your invoices are paid in full prior to our session. All invoices have been sent out already, I will not shoot without it being paid in full before hand.

Finally, be prepared to HAVE FUN! I am not a normal the sense that I like to have much fun as we can, because even though we are capturing your family photos, a little bit of fun goes a long way in making it as enjoyable as possible!

So now that, that is out of the way....

I have some great areas in mind on Apsan for these sessions. I will message everyone my number in case of an emergency or you get lost. ;-)

If you go out gate 6 and make an immediate left ( almost like you are doing a U-turn) and follow that road along the base all the way till you can't anymore, then hang a left then follow that all the way to the parking area. You will be in the right spot. Parking is 2,000 won be prepared for that. Once you park, walk up towards the mountain and you will see me there. If anything shoot me a text I will guide you. I cannot meet you at the BX if you are a weekend client since I will be on Apsan from about 10 am to 6 pm shooting. My weekday folks....I can meet you at the BX if needed. Just let me know.

Remember even though we are in Cherry Blossom season, there are tons of other areas that are flowered and green and make great backdrops.. we will get in some cherry blossom shots, but I also want to get in a few other areas as well, so you can have a choice when your at your ordering session.


I am so grateful that you have chosen me to capture these images for you and your family and will strive to give you 110% of myself. If you are not happy then I have not done my job and I pride myself on doing a great job EVERY SINGLE TIME!

My goal is to not only become Daegu's premier photographer, but to be known for my work ethic, customer service and my enjoyable fun sessions! Feedback is important to me!! It helps me grow as a photographer and helps me make sure I am doing everything correctly. =-)

Also, I will make sure to get group and individual shots, if there is something you want that is a bit different please let me know AHEAD OF TIME, so I can make sure we can fit it in.

Once our session is done, give me a week to edit and another week to get prints in (as long as USPS does their job right) After I receive your images in hand, I will call you to set up a delivery time and you will have your images...Yes, it is just that easy. I am just as excited to see your images as you are so I make sure to prioritize your sessions!

If you got this far, Thank YOU again for choosing Mad Kat Photography for your Daegu photography needs.


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