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Looking for ideas on what to wear at a photo shoot?

Don't worry, we all struggle to find that perfect outfit for ourselves and our family.  Family photos are meant to be capture a specific moment in time. You want it to be classic, but not over done. You want it to look easy and not fussy. You want the viewer to see YOU not your outfit. And most importantly you want it to BE YOU!

As a photographer, I can become physically ill when families show up in too many wild prints, in matching outfits or have their kids show up in their favorite character outfit, (i.e. a transformers t-shirt)

My advice that I give clients is coordinate DON'T MATCH! Use varying shades of a color, but not the same color on every person.

I find searching "What to wear" on Pintrest is a HUGE help... there are tons of boards with outfit ideas put together already! Here is a link to mine.

 Find a color you love, a color that looks good on you. Then outfit the rest of the family in varying shades of that color. Find an accent color and use it sparingly through out. Then choose a neutral and fill out the rest of the wardrobe.

A great way to find what color you love, look inside your home. Its a tell tale sign of your favorite color pallet. Think about it, we don't decorate in colors we hate. We fill our homes in colors and styles we love.

Still stuck on what to do? No worries, email me and myself along with my styling team will help you choose the best outfits for you and your family for you special photo session!

Here is some family photos I have done in the past, where they nailed the coordinated outfits!





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