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Over the course of the last 6 months I have gotten together a list of questions that is most frequently asked. I thought a great way to get these answered to everyone would be to write a blog post about it. So here it goes:


Q. How long have you been shooting?

A. I picked up my first DSLR about 10 years ago, but turned this into a business 5 years ago. I am self taught but have taken workshops and classes online. I run a few online photography groups and am part of numerous photography business groups online. I mentor new photographers and take part in photography advice groups. I am constantly evolving and learning the fine art of photography and running a business. 


Q. Do you have a studio?

A. Yes, I have a in home studio. Due to the size of it I use it only for newborns and children. 


Q. How fast can I get in for a session? 

A. Typically, I would prefer at least two weeks notice, but it never hurts to ask. I may have an opening.


Q. How far out can I book?

A. I book up to a year in advance. That said, typically most clients will book their sessions at least a month out. Keep in mind that spring and fall are my most busy seasons. If you want spring or fall photos, PLEASE book those at least 3 months in advance. I only keep X amount of days opened a month for shooting, so that I don't become overwhelmed and that I can focus entirely on you and your family.

Q. How long does it take to get my prints back?

A. This all depends on the great USPS service here. On average, after our session, it takes me less than a week to get your edited proofs to you. Upon receiving your proofs, you choose which ones you want printed. I then order via my pro printing lab and it gets sent within 24 hours. Usually it takes 7-10 days to get to me here, once they are in, I will call you and we can meet so that I can give you your products. On rare occasions it has taken up to 4 weeks for USPS to get me my prints. Please keep this in mind if you have a deadline for your products. 


Q. Do you give a disc?

A. Short answer, No. 


Q. Why don't you give a disc?

A. The reasons I don't sell or give a disc with your order is simple. You cannot hang a disc on the wall. You cannot show your images to friends and family without the use of a computer. That disc will 95% of the time sit in your desk drawer.

I am an all inclusive business. I take care of you from our first meeting to delivery of your products. It doesn't make sense for me to get paid to do a job, then you have to turn around and pay someone else to print my work. I take my work, my brand and my reputation very seriously as it has taken me years to get to the point of taking full control of what art I put out there. My name is on the line with every image you hang in your house, with every image you send to Grandma, with every word of mouth, I take that all very seriously. The technical part of this answer is also simple. My computer is calibrated to my professional lab. When you take a disc to a Kodak kiosk or shutterfly, the prints you get back will NOT look like they did when you came in for your viewing. To me that is fraud. I can't promise you 100% quality work if you print somewhere else. The only time I offer a USB ( or dropboxed images) is if you are needing head shots or I am photographing a birth session or my limited edition session, which happens a few times a year. 


Q. But I want images I can share on Facebook, Instagram…etc...

A. No problem, with every image you choose to print. I drop box you the same image in web sized form for you to share on social media. I totally understand the need to share online especially since we live overseas and are so far away from friends and family. 


Q. How much is your family session? A first birthday session? 

A. You can find all that info on my website under investments. =-)


Q. Can I do a payment plan?

A. Of course! Most of my clients do a payment plan with me. I will work with you to set up the best plan for your needs.


Q. I am wanting a themed shoot…tea party session for my 5 year old, a fairy tale shoot for my little girls etc….can you do those?

A. YES!! I love themed shoots! If you have an idea of what you want done. Just let me know we will sit down together and make it happen. I run 1-2 themed shoots of my own a year, ideas I have floating in my head that I want to see in print. These are probably the most time consuming and most rewarding sessions I do. They are so much fun! 


Q. Do you do weddings?

A. Yes, I do. I require at least 6 weeks notice and 1/2 down to hold the date with the remaining other 1/2 paid before your wedding date.


Q. Do you do events?

A. Sometimes. I try to stay away from events as I don't care for them mostly. I do on occasion photograph my child's sports team or my child's class. Those things I do on occasion. For big events, balls, promotions…etc.. I do not do. 


Q. What if I don't want a product in the package you have advertised?

A. Let me know and we can switch it out for something that makes more sense to you and your families needs.


Q. How do I book with you?

A. Call me up 010-4307-1444 or email me at katgarcia@madkatphotography.com or you can message me via facebook

We then set up a meeting, I love to meet clients face to face and sit down and get to know each other before we start our photography journey together. If you decide to book with me after our meeting a $50.00 retainer is needed to hold your date. That retainer is deducted from your package price. So essentially your balance will be less $50. Your balance will need to be paid in full before our session date.


Q. (my most favorite question to date) I see you all the time in the BX, Commissary, Starbucks…but I don't want to bother you with questions...

A. If you see me on base, out in town…where ever and you want to talk. Please do! I love it when people come up and ask me questions about Mad Kat Photography or photography questions in general. Don't be shy! I know I am not. ;-)


There ya have it. My most asked and favorite questions I have gotten since I have gotten to Daegu. Hopefully this answers everyones questions as well. 


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