1st birthday Cake Smash | Daegu Child Photographer

March 07, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Happy first birthday, Ella!


I have a soft spot for February babies, as I am a February baby, my husband is and so is my sister. Us February babies are something special. At least I like to think so. Ella's momma requested a cake smash and Dr. Suess themed session, of course I was thrilled as it meant getting PROPS together!

I think the first birthday in the Milestones package is my favorite. At one years old, they have so much personality. Their emotions change from shot to shot and they are wild and carefree. Cake smashes just highlight that attitude. They can either be shy and not want to touch the cake or they dive in. Ella was a gentle dive in girl. She was delicate about it at first, then she got into it a bit more.  I love a good cake smash and love that she was such a good little girl the whole session. Those curls and those big brown eyes completely melted me. I hope you had a great first birthday Ella. 


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