Miss Lexie | Daegu Senior Portrait Photographer

January 12, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

So I haven't done High school seniors or college freshman as Miss Lexie is, in a LONG time. So when her mom asked if I could get some shots of her while she was visiting her here in South Korea… it was a no brainer. I mean ….look at her. She is GORGEOUS



The above photo has a great story behind it… This "door" is located in an alleyway near my apartment building…everyone thought it looked cool so we propped her in and while I am getting situated on the ground to shoot..a very lovely older Korean lady stops by us and is watching us and smiling… we go and continue to shoot this "door" scene and upon finishing…Lexie gets up and this kind Korean lady walks in to that door….apparently it's her house. =-) So a big thank you goes  to that Korean lady for allowing me use of her front door. =-)




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