New beginnings here in Daegu, South Korea

August 19, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Well I made it.

I have been in this beautiful country for almost a month now and I can't believe I was actually apprehensive to come here. Granted I was more upset about leaving my wonderful friends and my "way of life" as I know it then about landing in a foreign country that I had no ideas about.

Living in League City for almost 2 years I forgot about the joys and security of being attached to a military base, as there is no base in League City or nearby for that matter. 

I forgot that making friends, good friends, is as easy as saying hello when you are in a lobby of military lodging. 

I forgot all about the security of knowing that others are in the same boat as you, some have more experience at being in said country, some showed up in this foreign land at the same time, some are just now coming in and you get to share your expertise of the last 3 weeks with them.

I forgot all about revelry and taps that is played at sunrise and at sunset, and that feeling of pride I get when I hear it because it reminds me of my father, a navy vet.

I forgot about the trials and tribulations of having to learn a new language, new customs, new sights and sounds.

I forgot about the fact that only my husband's SSN is important as he is the "sponsor" and my info is basically irrelevant. 

I forgot about military lingo, How much is TLA?  Where is the BX? I'll meet you at zero six hundred. 

I forgot about how much I enjoy watching the young active duty members march during PT, not because they are eye candy, but because I remember the letters I would receive when my sister was in boot camp and how scared she was at first, and how after some time has passed her confidence grew. I think about each of them being afraid, but knowing that in a few years they will most likely look back at the beginning of their military career with fondness and laugh about how scared they were over nothing. At least thats what I hope for them. 

I am 38 years old and I have never been without a military ID. My father is a decorated Navy vet who served almost 30 years proudly. I met my husband while my father was still serving and married him before my father retired. My husband did 24 years in the US Navy before retiring and is now a member of the Dept. of Defense. Basically that means that we move like we are active duty still but without the fabulous uniforms. My husband serves this country because he loves it and that makes me proud. When we were first married and getting ready to make our second overseas tour together, through my tears of having to uproot again, I told him I would follow him anywhere. In return he promised me an adventure.

Daegu, South Korea is now our 5th overseas tour and our 9th move all together. It has in fact been an adventure.




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