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Let me introduce you to Angela and Kordel. Angela is my step-sister. I adore her. She is the sweetest, kindest most beautiful girl you will every lay your eyes on.  Because I do not live near them, this was the first time meeting Kordel and I will have to say, I do enjoy him. He is going to be good for her. <3


I am going to start this post with some back story. I swore I would never do three things as a photographer. 

1. shoot a wedding

2. shoot a birth

3. photograph a newborn...again

The reason why I swore off those three subjects was because if I messed up somehow...I would never be able to redo them like with a simple family session. Think about it. You can't recreate a birth...or a wedding...and with a newborn you only have a 7 day window to get the correct shots!!!

So I was terrified to attempt these. BUT...with the new year and my new mantra...I was going to TRY new things! So, when Angela was talking about "looking" for a photographer..It got me thinking....She is family. She is keeping this low key. The comfort level would be great!

So I approached her and asked and sure enough she agreed to take a chance on me. And boy, was I glad she did!

Now fast forward to the day of me flying to Florida for this shoot. I left around 6 pm out of Houston and this was the first time EVER that I had left my kids over night! I know that they are almost 11 and one is almost 15...but I have never left them in another state before and I knew my husband had them..and they would be taken care of but I am the momma, know what I mean?

So I arrive close to midnight and it is raining, but I try and go to sleep and pray there is no rain in the morning.

Next day:

 I wake up to full on rain. It looks like we need a canoe to get from one house to the other, but we are all trying to stay optimistic at this point.

It is now noon, and it is still raining, but now the power is out. Did I mention the houses that Angela rented was also going to be the site of the reception and that the grooms mother was cooking in those houses for the reception? Oh and that no one had showered but me, because when we lost power we also lost hot water.

2 hours later..The power came on for about an hour and then went off again, So no water, no power and the bride or groom has yet to shower. Bride and groom decide it was time to go get some umbrellas for the guest as this was still going to be an outdoor wedding come hell or high water...and we were definitely going to have the high water!

So the groom leaves to get umbrellas and my dad leaves to get some towels. An hour later they aren't back and we discover that each one of them is stranded on different sides of the road leading back to the house due to fallen trees. Yep, not one fallen tree but TWO of them. So father of the bride and the groom are stranded, bride is freaking out because groom is stranded and rain is coming down harder and the wedding coordinator was being hateful about moving the chairs from the lake, where the ceremony was suppose to take place to a very small pavilion. All I am thinking is why oh why is the wedding coordinator being difficult at a time like this!!!!

We finally get the groom and father back. BUT they have to push the wedding back an hour because the chairs still have to be relocated away from the lake, so not to drown the guest and into the small pavilion The groom wasn't ready yet and the mother of the groom still hasn't started cooking for the reception that was suppose to follow the ceremony. 

The groom takes his groomsman to a hotel where they shower and get ready. My soon to be sister-in-law starts doing the brides hair with her hands and NO hair dryer or curling iron. Make up gets applied. Bride gets dressed. Everyone is now smiling. Bride looks GORGEOUS! Who says you need power or hot water to look fantastic!?

Oddly the bride only had one major melt down during this day which is pretty good considering everything that was going wrong!

Now that everyone is back, dressed and ready, we leave for the park and to have this ceremony! I forgot to mention, the guy officiating the ceremony is Angela's brother, Kyle. He got ordained online awhile back. I think he rocks! I mean how cool is it to have a family member officiate your wedding!!


The ceremony turned out beautiful, all went well, even if it was still sprinkling. The location was to die for! If you live in Tallahassee, go and check out Alfred B. Maclay Gardens. It is deliciously gorgeous there.

You can't even tell it was still sprinkling rain in these shots! Yeah me!

All in all, for my first time photographing a wedding, everything and anything that could go wrong did and I came out of it alive and well.

The bride and groom are currently enjoying their honeymoon and I am wrapping up their session.

Thank you Angela & Kordel for allowing me the privilege of photographing your nuptials. I am in awe of your commitment to each other and am grateful I got to witness the love you have for one another. May you two be blessed with love and happiness now and forever. Love to you both.


Now does anyone have a newborn I could try photographing? ;-)


Bonnie Berkel(non-registered)
They are Beautiful! But when you have Beautiful People to take pictures of, anything looks great.
Connie, I was thinking about you at this time and was wondering how many break-downs you were going to have, but sounds like you did great.
As for Angela, you were Beautiful inside and out on this Wonderful Day! Congratulations and Best of Wishes to you Both
Connie Marrocco(non-registered)
LOVE your story! You forgot the DJ cancelled & I, your bonus mom/friend, aka mother of the bride, also had a breakdown! Kat was awesome & our "rock"! If not for her, Khloe & Amanda we would have been sunk! Everyone played such a big part. I'm sure if anyone else had done the photos they wouldn't have been as good.
Terri Hixenbaugh(non-registered)
I LOVE the way you put the story in with the pictures !!! You did a FANTASTIC job lady !!!! Congrats to all.... : )
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