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Snow has not only fallen in Daegu, South Korea but it actually STUCK to the ground, this time. So this morning I literally jumped out of bed knowing that I was going to wake up to snow. I went and opened up my window and sure enough, there was about an inch on the ground already and more was falling. 

I already knew I wanted to get that "snowflake" shot that I saw all over some of my favorite photographer's page last winter, but with me living in League City, Texas last winter….snow was not an option. This year, it is!!




Since I posted this photo on my Facebook page already, I have been asked via message a few times how it is done. So I will tell you what I did.

It really helps to have a great lens, preferably a MACRO lens i.e. 60 mm, since I do not own that lens yet, I opted to use my Macro Filter which thankfully I picked up in Atlanta a few years ago.

Also, you need a black glove, scarf or some sort of fabric with a dark background.

And more importantly you need patience. 


So I went outside, threw my glove on the ground. Yep, right on the snow…and I walked away. I went and I photographed all these are great shots.



So I have no idea what kind of berries these are…but I absolutely adore bright red on snow. 

Sidewalk on the side of my apartment building.

I Love what a macro filter can do…see those little hairs on the side of the leaf? I love those kinds of details.

I told you I love red on snow…=-)

Since I am a southern girl, this totally reminded me of cotton fields. But made of snow.

That leaf is struggling to keep that snow up, but he is doing it. 

More "cotton" plants

A whole field of them!

After shooting all that  I came back to where I left my glove and started looking closely… with just my eyes for one single snowflake that was as perfect as nature intended.

As soon as I thought I  got lucky, I put my eye up to the viewfinder of my camera and I knew I hit the jackpot. 

This one is my favorite. 


Happy winter, Daegu. 


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