Watch out Daegu....Mad Kat Photography is back! | Daegu Korea Photographer

October 31, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

I meant to blog about these awesome shots I got a few weeks back, but with Mad Kat Photography going live in my new location earlier this week, I had only a bit of time to get pricing, contracts and everything else that goes along with running a business in order.

So now that I have a few minutes...

Let me introduce you to my daughter, for those who are new to following me, This is Madeline...a.k.a Mad, she is the reason I am in business, she is my muse, she is the girl I grab when I have a strange idea for a shoot and she is always willing...well I sometimes have to bribe her..;-)

These shots were taken at Apsan Mountain, which is quite literally located behind my apartment. For a Florida girl, to witness an actual Autumn, is INCREDIBLE! The colors were so vibrant and so alive I cannot wait to go back and photograph some more.


I almost wish I put her in a pair of wings....this place screams for fairies! Hmmmmm...I may have a concept shoot in mind.


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