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November 09, 2014  •  1 Comment

Let me start out by saying, I decided early on I would not do a newborn session. I have attempted one early in my career and it was a utter failure. 

Those sweet little squishy balls of awesomeness scared me. I was afraid of their fragility, their splotchy skin, the ability of getting them to sleep through a session. 

Fast forward to now. I have once again picked up my business, back overseas and re-opened it. I got clients booked right from the get-go, but I scheduled them a few weeks out to prepare "going back to work" and get back in the mind set.

Then Jenn called. 

She had just had this beautiful bundle and wanted to get a newborn session ASAP. I of course, couldn't say no. So I agreed to photograph him a few days out.

I had this. At least I though I did. 


What I did next was pure chaotic fun. I set up a newborn studio in my living room..God love my husband for being so laid back. I went shopping for blankets and boppys and hats and well everything I would need for this little one.

All the while, keeping my cool for the client. 

I get up early on the day of. Check my lights, Charge my battery, crank up the floor heat and start downing coffee. 

What happened next was pure fun and joy. This baby boy SLEPT. For nearly the entire 5 hours. He allowed me to bend him and wrap him and place all sorts of strange hats on his head without so much as a peep.

As it would appear, I did have this. The fear of the unknown can drive you but once I settled in and got warmed up, I knew I had this. Without a doubt I would do this all over again. 

The family was a joy and just as beautiful as can be. I even was able to get a few shots in of big brother.

Thank you Conrad family for trusting me and allowing me to photograph your perfect little family. 


Janet Brown(non-registered)
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